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About Us

Insurancesalvagelafanico.com is a hub where most people come from all over the wold for salvage cars and trucks. You may have some questions about out network and we are more happy to answer each of them. But first of all you may want to know about the Salvage Cars? Basically salvage cars are those vehicles that have had a loss, such as damage or total loss in an accident and / or have been reported as stolen, but insurers completely fix them to be able to sell them again.

When this happens the value of the car decreases considerably, so when you hire (and even more, when you USE) the insurance of a car of this type, take into account this detail.

For example, if you buy a salvage car and you have an accident, the insurer will only pay you 80% to 60% of the value of your car. Hence the importance of knowing if the car you are going to acquire is salvage or not.

Out network is all about providing you a medium source and help you to understand about the whole process. Hope you have liked our services and would love to visit us again. We really appreciate you time that you spend while reading about out network.

Thank you so much for reading about Us, We appreciate your support and love. 🙂